General & Technical FAQ

General Frequently Asked Questions 

What are DFS Refurbished Products? 

The DFS Refurbished Store is the place to go to find great savings on Off-Lease refurbished Dell products, already built and ready to ship. This is product that has been returned to DFS following an average 36 month lease period. All products have been tested and repackaged to DFS Refurbished standards. DFS Refurbished Store also offers standard Limited Warranty coverage. Please note that our inventory is sold on a "first come, first served" basis and changes rapidly. We cannot guarantee that all displayed products will be available at the time of your call. 

Cosmetic Grades 

Learn more on our Cosmetic Grade page 

Does my Desktop come with Keyboard and Mouse?

Yes. All Dell Refurbished UK desktops and fixed workstations come with a new wired Dell keyboard and mouse.

Does my desktop come standard with a monitor? 

Monitors do not come standard with DFS Refurbished products. 

Can I modify any configurations? 

We do not modify internal components. For a more complete breakdown of specifications, Please click on "Additional Information" on the product detail page. 

What methods of payment do you accept? 

Methods of Payment: Visa and Mastercard credit cards and PayPal.

Can I get DFS Leasing? 

We do not offer leasing or personal finance with DFS Refurbished products. 

Is service included? 

All DFS Refurbished products are sold with standard limited warranty. Please see our Terms and Conditions for details. 

What software is included? 

All refurbished desktops and laptops from DFS Refurbished Store ship with the operating system that they were originally sold with. This varies by model and line. To ascertain the operating system on a computer you may be interested in purchasing, click on the service tag link of that computer on the inventory screen. 

When do you ship? 

Please note estimated delivery time on orders placed from now is approximately 7 to 10 business days. 

What if I receive a damaged product? 

If any refurbished equipment was damaged or lost in transit, or, if you received a product other than what you ordered, please go to Contact us. DFS Refurbished sells refurbished computer equipment that has been returned to DFS for a variety of reasons. Occasionally products purchased will come with superficial marks such as minor scratches, and will be cosmetically graded accordingly which do not affect performance, functionality, the quality of the product or its overall fitness for use. Also, on occasion, parts/components may be used for repair, which may vary, in terms of colour only, from product purchased. Purchases are made subject to these conditions but other statutory rights are not affected. 

Can I buy DFS Refurbished products if I live outside of the U.K.? 

Yes — however, we currently do not ship outside of the U.K. When purchasing products on the Dell Refurbished U.K. store you may purchase using a credit card registered within the E.U., enter a billing address registered within the E.U., but the shipping address must be within the U.K. 

Does my product come with backup media? 

DFS Refurbished products do not come with any backup media. Products with a Windows 7 operating system come with DFS software that will enable you to create your own backup media on to a DVD or USB key. In addition, the software has the ability to take your computer back to the way it was when it was shipped from the DFS Refurbished factory, with the option to preserve files and folders during the emergency recovery process. DFS recommends on receipt of your product that you create backup media for any future recovery requirements. 

Technical Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I find the manuals to a specific Dell computer I have purchased? 

Where can I find drivers and downloads for my Dell computer? 

Where can I find the original system information for a specific Dell computer I have purchased? 

How do I run a Pre-boot system assessment or Diagnostics on my Dell laptop or desktop? 

• Reboot your computer 
• Tap on the F12 key repeatedly until the boot option menu appears 
• Choose diagnostics on a laptop computer or hard drive diagnostics on a desktop computer 

Why will my computer not boot to windows? 

• Retry re-booting the system. Prior to re-booting remove the battery and power cable. Hold down the power button to remove any charge from the motherboard. You can now replace the battery and power cable and re-boot. The same process is used for both a laptop or desktop. • If computer will not boot, call 01925-260-085 or use our webform click here 

Why will my computer not power on or complete the self-test (No Power on Self-Test)? 

• Check all the power cables to ensure that they are tightly secured into the computer system 
• Check the wall outlet to ensure that it has power 
• Check for any damage to the power ac adapter, cables or power connector on the computer 
• Remove and replace all components (wireless card, memory, hard drive or optical drive) on laptops securely and try re-booting the system. Instructions on how to do this can be found under "manuals" for your system on
• Confirm that the AC adapter on the laptop has a green LED and does not flicker or go out when plugged into the system 
• Confirm that desktop unit has power, fans are spinning and there green diagnostics LEDs seen during the Power-On Self-Test 
• Call 01925-260-085 or use our webform click here 

Why does my battery not charge? 

• Ensure that the battery has been reseated and the latest BIOS have been installed. BIOS can be found for your unit in the "drivers and downloads" section on

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